NicholasHello! Kumasta po kayo! We are Matt and Cristelle, and this is our son Carson. We both hail from the mighty ‘Naki, but our hearts smile when we think of Turanganui (Gisborne). Matt’s work in Gisborne originally was growing truckloads of watermelons, and Cristelle as a teacher of under 5’s. We love Wainui Beach Church (WBC) and our whanau in God there! God has placed a dream, a calling in us to share Jesus with Filipinos (evangelism), to be part of helping them establish churches and be trained up to teach others Jesus’ words (discipleship/ teaching). We’ll be sent by WBC under the mission organisation OMF. 

While we're bursting to get to the Philippines, currently we're down in Christchurch, involved in ministry to students, internationals, and learning the Filipino language. A delay wasn't our idea, but God has actively guided us here through circumstances and provided us with opportunities to increase our kete of ministry experience and to walk alongside those exploring faith. God willing, we'll head out to the Philippines in 2021 with an additional child and some Filipino language skills. We are so thankful for your encouragement and support!

We're excited to be part of what God is doing in the Philippines, and to work with those who have not read the Bible themselves or heard that Jesus wants to be friends with them. Thank you for your encouragement and support!

Gisborne Church News

  During Covid-19 Level 1

The Wainui Beach Church community now gather in the following ways:


  • Sunday Church 10am at Wainui Beach School

  • Growth Groups weekly from March 2021

  • Weekly Senior and/or Junior Youth Groups from February 2021





2 June: Prayer and Fasting 5 Emily St, 7.30pm

6 June: Celebrating 25th Anniversary + Sermon Series End

Shared Morning Tea to Follow

8-10 June: Growth Groups

11 June: Youth Group Whanau Games Night

13 June: Sunday Service 10am

14-17 June: Growth Groups

16 June: Elders & Pastors Hui

18 June: Youth Group Indoor Sports Night

20 June: Sunday Service 10am

21-24 June: Growth Group

25 June: Youth Group Mahi Aroha

27 June: Sunday Service 10am

28-1 July: Growth Groups


2 July: Youth Group Rollin’ Rollin’

4 July: Sunday Service 10am

7 July: Prayer Hui, 7pm 5 Emily Street

9 July: Youth Group Manhunt

11 July: Sunday Service 10am

Numbers 6:24-26

24 Mā Ihowā koe e manaaki, māna koe e tiaki:
25 Mā Ihowā e mea kia tīaho tōna mata ki a koe, māna anō hoki koe e atawhai:
26 Mā Ihowā tōna kanohi e whakaara ki a koe, māna anō e tuku te rāngimarie ki a koe.


3 March: Prayer and Fasting, Hui 7.40pm 21 Makorori Road
5 March:  Youth Korero Night, 6pm, Tamarau Community Church
7 March:  10am Church Service, Wainui Beach School Hall
8, 9, 11 March:  Growth Groups
14 March:   10am Church Service, Wainui Beach School Hall
15, 16, 18 March:  Growth Groups
17 March:  Elders' Hui
19 March:  Youth Group [See Calendar for Details]
21 March:  10am Church Service, Wainui Beach School Hall
22, 23, 25 March:  Growth Groups
26 March:  Youth Group
28 March:  10am Church Service, Wainui Beach School Hall
29, 30, 1 April:  Growth Groups



Wainui Beach Vineyard is a part of the Vineyard Aotearoa movement.