Giving at Wainui Beach Church, Gisborne

It would be wonderful if you would like to financially support Wainui Beach Church.  All wages, ministry costs, school hall & classroom rentals are covered by internal giving.

10% of all Wainui Beach Church income is given away to other ministries or Christian organisations. 

Serving at WBC

There are many ways to serve with WBC both internally - inhouse and externally - out there in the community via our growth groups.  Please speak with leadership if you are ready and willing to serve in your giftings.  



Gisborne Church News

  During Covid-19 Level 1

The Wainui Beach Church community now gather in the following ways:


  • Sunday Church 10am at Wainui Beach School

  • Growth Groups weekly from March 2021

  • Weekly Senior and/or Junior Youth Groups from February 2021





2 June: Prayer and Fasting 5 Emily St, 7.30pm

6 June: Celebrating 25th Anniversary + Sermon Series End

Shared Morning Tea to Follow

8-10 June: Growth Groups

11 June: Youth Group Whanau Games Night

13 June: Sunday Service 10am

14-17 June: Growth Groups

16 June: Elders & Pastors Hui

18 June: Youth Group Indoor Sports Night

20 June: Sunday Service 10am

21-24 June: Growth Group

25 June: Youth Group Mahi Aroha

27 June: Sunday Service 10am

28-1 July: Growth Groups


2 July: Youth Group Rollin’ Rollin’

4 July: Sunday Service 10am

7 July: Prayer Hui, 7pm 5 Emily Street

9 July: Youth Group Manhunt

11 July: Sunday Service 10am

Numbers 6:24-26

24 Mā Ihowā koe e manaaki, māna koe e tiaki:
25 Mā Ihowā e mea kia tīaho tōna mata ki a koe, māna anō hoki koe e atawhai:
26 Mā Ihowā tōna kanohi e whakaara ki a koe, māna anō e tuku te rāngimarie ki a koe.


3 March: Prayer and Fasting, Hui 7.40pm 21 Makorori Road
5 March:  Youth Korero Night, 6pm, Tamarau Community Church
7 March:  10am Church Service, Wainui Beach School Hall
8, 9, 11 March:  Growth Groups
14 March:   10am Church Service, Wainui Beach School Hall
15, 16, 18 March:  Growth Groups
17 March:  Elders' Hui
19 March:  Youth Group [See Calendar for Details]
21 March:  10am Church Service, Wainui Beach School Hall
22, 23, 25 March:  Growth Groups
26 March:  Youth Group
28 March:  10am Church Service, Wainui Beach School Hall
29, 30, 1 April:  Growth Groups



Wainui Beach Vineyard is a part of the Vineyard Aotearoa movement.